Prodata Solutions has over five software systems currently being used by the Australian Defence Force. 


ExecTools™ is a training management solution designed specifically for the ADF to control the training requirements of its employees.


The ExecTools™ system consists of several modules that provide tools such as personal  and positional training plans, competency and training liability management. The software also offers a Financial and Organisational Chart module to assist with budget and workforce planning.

  PUMA is a technical publications management solution. Tracking copies, amendments and demands is made simple with the PUMA software.
  The software also manages the automatic creation of issues and amendments as well as providing completed control over obsolete, superseded and deleted publications.
  RIFT is a decision support and activation  tool used to manage the stock level, maintenance frequency and deployment of repairable aircraft items required by contractors and the workshop.
  Employing complex statistical algorithms and drawing on years of data for thousands of parts. RIFT receives and combines data from 4 key defence applications to aid decision making.
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