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24 Nov 2014 Attribute supports Unique Student Identifier... read more
20 May 2014 Attribute is now registered as AVETMISS Compliant... read more
1 Feb 2013 Attribute version 5.0 release... read more
31 Oct 2011 Prodata Solutions has a New Statistics Engine... read more
3 Jul 2009 South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service implements ESOTAS... read more
5 Jan 2009 Attribute now supports AVETMISS standard... read more
18 Oct 2008 National Pharmacies implements Attribute... read more
1 Oct 2006 Prodata Solutions is Moving... read more
3 Mar 2005 GWF implements another  viper:online product... read more
2 Jan 2005 Harris Refrigerated implements viper:online>accelerate... read more
1 Nov 2004 Sand Fridge Lines implements viper:online>accelerate... read more
27 Oct 2004 GWF implements viper:online>collaborate... read more
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