Software Development

Over the past 15 years, Prodata Solutions has created a set of pre-developed libraries of software components called 'BaseClass'. Our BaseClass technology allows our development team to employ RAD (Rapid Application Development) processes that have been proven to reduce development lead time over conventional methods by more than 50%.

  BaseClass has been used in systems developed for Defence, Emergency Services, the Freight Services Industry, Manufacturing and Government. The  Microsoft Outlook 'look and feel' means that users immediately feel at home with our software as they intuitively know how to navigate through the application. This benefits any organisation by minimising the training required to learn our software.

Key features of ‘BaseClass Technologies’ are:

  • user friendly, Windows Outlook style interface; 

  • powerful in-built search functions; 

  • in-built data mining and retrieval processes; 

  • user-configurable screens and reports; 

  • optimised performance; 

  • ready for both thin & thick client server deployment;

  • automated save to excel, HTM and other file formats.

An example of our BaseClass framework:



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