Hosted Applications

Prodata Solution understands the heavy investment that many companies are required to make when purchasing new software. In many cases a new layer of complexity is added to a business when the organisation acquires a new software package. This can include the purchase of new hardware and the subsequent outsourcing of hardware management services. Many organisations, whose core business has little relation to IT, struggle to maintain even a simple IT infrastructure. 

Our recognition of these issues has led us to ensure that we can provide a hosted application for all of our software products. In our current product set we have some applications that were designed on a hosted architecture. viper:online is one of these hosted application. Other products, such as Attribute, were originally developed under the traditional client/server architecture but on request can be utilised by our customers as a hosted application. 

Our hosted applications are true outsourced solutions. A hosted solution removes all of the problems related to security, maintenance and the management of an IT infrastructure. 



We currently have our hardware servers hosted by Macquarie Corporate in Sydney. Macquarie Corporate provides the most highly accredited secure corporate and government premium hosting services in Australia.

Macquarie Corporate's data centre was the first in Australia to achieve the internationally recognised British Standards Institute - Security standard BS7799. They have maintained this accreditation for two years and have now achieved Defence Signals Directorate Gateway Certification.

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